Class Scheduling Makes All the Difference

From grade 9 to grade 12, our admissions team outlines class schedules that give students balance and options.

Strength of Schedule Is Critical for a Competitive College App

Admissions committees often judge applicants on not only their grades but also the types of courses they take in high school. Each class on a transcript tells colleges and universities a lot about a given student, including their work ethic and ability to perform in a given academic environment.

Class Registration Is Often Rushed Through

With so many students to accommodate, most school counselors struggle to offer enough one-on-one time during class registration. Further complicating the issue, parents rarely receive enough information about how their child’s class schedule can affect their overall competitiveness, making it impossible to rectify poor decisions after the fact.

Vested Academics Class Scheduling approach sets students up for success on their college applications. Here’s how . . .


Expert Advising

Understand the big picture

Whether new to class scheduling or a seasoned high school parent, you can rely on our experienced admissions consultants to explain the intricacies of the process.

Individualized strategy

Each student follows a slightly different path. That’s why we design unique class schedules that showcase academic strengths and educational goals unique to the individual.

Check-ins & adjustments

At Vested Academics, our admissions consultants understand that a high school education is continuously evolving. Our regular check-ins ensure we’re helping students adjust as needed.


Customized Class Roadmap

Our admissions experts develop a strategic plan with students, helping them create a tactful class schedule that will resonate with admissions committees.


One-On-One Guidance

By working one-on-one with your child, our admissions team answers parent questions and sets students up for success throughout the entire school year.


Get the right guidance from the start

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