We Think Senior Year Means Everything, Too

The admissions experts at Vested Academics will guide you and your high school senior through all the critical milestones of this fast-paced year.

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Our clients enjoy our services in person, at our Learning Center in Norwell, MA, and from anywhere in the U.S. or abroad via private, secure video conference.

We Offer Senior Families:

» College Searches
» Application Support
» Essay Coaching
» Private Test Prep
» PG Year Guidance
» Health Professions Consulting
» Financial Aid Consulting
» Academic Coaching

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Is College Consulting Right for Your Family?

Like it or not, your student’s senior year will be full of countless deadlines and decisions. And, at some point, most parents will realize that their school counselor is unable to provide them with all the information and resources they need during this critical time.

Our Approach Helps H.S. Seniors:

» Review and edit college lists
» Build strong college applications
» Draft unique personal statements and essays
» Discuss award letters and scholarship options
» Assess acceptances and make a final decision

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